Suzhou zhenlun is a modernized enterprise specialized in the production of various regenerated cellulose yarn and fabric, which located at the famous historical town Zhenze in Suzhou City, The company covers an area of 250,000 square meters, and the total structural area is about 200, 000 square meters. The staff number is over 1500. The total production capacity is over 500,000 spindles. It has 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries, Jiangsu Sulunte Spinning Co., Ltd . ,Suzhou Nanguang ecological textile Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Zhenlun Bio-spinning Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Zhenlun Spinning Co., Ltd. was established in June of 2005, with 30,000 Siro spinning,90000 compact-siro spinning and 15 sets vortex machines. Its annual production is over 25000 Tons, which contains viscose yarn, bamboo yarn, Tencel yarn, Modal yarn.

Suzhou Nanguang ecological textile Co., Ltd. has 60,000 ring-spinning spindles, 24 sets rotor spinning machines of Schlafhorst. Producing various viscose yarn.

Jiangsu Sulunte Spinning Co., Ltd. has 30000 ring spinning spindles producing TR mixed yarn,TR slub yarn. And It imported advanced rotor spinning machines of Oerlikon Schlafhorst for 20 sets, which producing 100% viscose,100% polyester and TR blended open-end yarn.

Suzhou Zhenlun Bio-spinning Co., Ltd. is a new project which start in 2013. Already has 100000 siro compact spinning spindles producing TR mixed yarn and 100% polyester yarn.

In recent years, Zhenlun tightly grasp the opportunities of the market and devoted to producing various regenerated cellulose yarn year by year. It has won a good reputation not only in China, but also in foreign countries, such as Brazil, USA, Europe, and so on. Zhenlun will keep on innovating, and supply our customers with best products and services.


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